Savannah v. Golden Isles (Black Rose round 2)

The Savannah Shamrocks moved into the second round of the Black Rose Tournament and faced off against their long-time rivals, the Golden Isles Hammerheads.  The Shamrocks came out with an aggressive defensive effort that kept the Hammerheads pinned deep in their own territory for much of the first half.  An early attempt to clear the ball with a kick was met by the Shamrocks back three who moved the ball quickly through the Kevin Jackson, Dontae Lawrence and ultimately to the wing for Tommy Moentmann to score in the corner, conversion by Cheffren Canady (Savannah 7 – Golden Isles 0).  The tough defense played by the Shamrocks again lead to a turnover deep in the Hammerheads’ territory and the ball was spun out to outside center, Kevin Jackson, who burst the the line for a try, conversion by Canady (Savannah 14 – Golden Isles 0).  Later in the half it was the forwards turn to get in on the action as Bruce Hicks punched through the Hammerhead forwards for a try, conversion by Canady (Savannah 21 – Golden Isles 0).  Under the impression if some is good, then more is better, Hicks again punched a long run through the Hammerhead forwards and broke several tackles en route to a second consecutive try, conversion missed (Savannah 26 – Golden Isles 0).

Halftime Score: Savannah 26 – Golden Isles 0

The second half saw the defense play even better than in the first half.  The Hammerheads were able to cross the 50m line only once and after a kickoff was knocked on early.  For the remainder of the half the Shamrocks were in Golden Isles’ territory and refused to let up.  Inside center, Mark McWhorter, had a fierce run, breaking several tackles to score a try under the post, conversion by Canady (Savannah 33 – Golden Isles 0).  Several kick attempts fell short of touch by Golden Isles and finally fullback, Dontae Lawrence was able to make the Hammerheads pay when a great individual effort saw him weave his way in for a try, conversion missed (Savannah 38 – Golden Isles 0).  The forwards could smell blood in the water and after several strong rucks and crash balls, Bruce Hicks was again able to break through the defense to touch down near the right post, conversion by Moentmann (Savannah 45 – Golden Isles 0).  Continued pressure against their forwards saw several opportunities for forwards to take hard crash ball runs and CJ Regnet was able to capitalize by breaking through for his first try of the game a few short minutes later, conversion missed (Savannah 50 – Golden Isles 0).  As if a hat trick of tries was not impressive enough, a tipped lineout by Golden Isles fell directly to ground and Bruce Hicks scooped it up and dove over for his fourth try of the game, conversion by Moentmann (Savannah 57 – Golden Isles 0).  The game showed exactly what it meant for 15 people to be committed to aggressive defense and was one of the best all around defensive performances by the Shamrocks in quite some time. 


Final Score: Savannah 57 – Golden Isles 0