Savannah v. High Country

The men of Savannah looked to defend their home field of Forsyth Park against a very strong High Country team out of the Atlanta area.  The game was extremely important for both teams coming and looking to secure a spot in the GRU Championship game one month away.  High Country was sporting a 1-1 record after having defeated the Atlanta Renegades in week one and losing a tough matchup with Athens in week 2.  Savannah was 2-0 having defeated Hilton Head and N.A.R.C. in their first two contests.  The game was extremely hard hitting for the first 10 minutes with neither team able to approach the opposition’s 22m line.  Finally, Savannah was rewarded for hard work in the forward pack when multiple phase ball led to a quick pick and go for the try in the 12th minute by Savannah’s scrum half, Gavin Rourke, conversion by Irving Cruz (Savannah 7 – High Country 0).  The game resumed its slow and plodding pace as both teams struggled to retain possession and avoid a multitude of penalties.  Several warnings were issued by the referee to the team’s captains regarding unnecessary infringements at and around the tackle area.  Finally, in the 32nd minute of the game Savannah was able to put added pressure on the High Country forwards and prop, Bruce Hicks, took a crash ball and broke a tackle to touch down under the post, conversion by Cruz (Savannah 14 – High Country 0).  

Halftime Score: Savannah 14 – High Country 0

Savannah kept up the defensive pressure but could not avoid the referee’s whistle which blew heavy and often even in the second half.  Both teams were repeatedly called for various infringements and the pace of the game was ground to a halt.  After possessing the ball inside High Country’s 22m line for almost 10 minutes the decision was made to kick for points in the 48th minute, which was successful by wing, Tommy Moentmann (Savannah 17 – High Country 0).  The game was again played between the 22s for the next 15 minutes with neither team able to take advantage of the other teams’ penalties or mistakes.  Eventually, High Country would be rewarded for maintaining possession when they scored a try in the 60th minute, conversion unsuccessful (Savannah 17 – High Country 5).  In the 72nd minute, Savannah was dealt a heavy blow when their captain, Matthew Midgett, was yellow carded for the repeated team infringements and was forced to watch the remainder of the game from the sin bin.  High Country played with renewed effort, up a man, and played very aggressively in an attempt to steal away the victory.  However, the Shamrocks defense stepped up and denied any last ditch effort by High Country with hard tackling and keeping their opponent out of the try zone.  Ultimately, a High Country player was also yellow carded in the 78th minute for his teams repeated infringements as well. 

Final Score: Savannah 17 – High Country 5

Man of the Match: Kevin Jackson (backs) and DJ Malcolm (forwards)

Scores from around the GRU

Athens 50 – Atlanta Renegades 10

Hilton Head – N.A.R.C. – game rescheduled to make up date