Savannah v. Georgia College and State Univ (Black Rose round 1)

The Shamrocks took the field at 9:00 against a new upstart program from Georgia College and State University (GSCU) and took control of the match right from the opening whistle.  Scoring by the Rocks early in the first half was team newcomer, Bruce Hicks, who touched down in the corner following a several hard rucks, conversion by Cheffren Canady (Savannah 7 – GSCU 0).  Only a few minutes later the Savannah backs put the ball through the hands quickly off a GSCU kick allowing fullback, Dontae Lawrence, to score a try in the opposite corner, conversion missed (Savannah 12 – GSCU 0).  Savannah continued to apply pressure and kept GSCU tucked deep into their own end of the field with several hard hits.  The Shamrocks backs were again rewarded when good hands saw the ball get out to the wing and allowed another newcomer, Tommy Moentmann, to score again in the corner, conversion by Canady (Savannah 19 – GSCU 0).  Following the next kickoff, which was misplayed by Savannah, GSCU got their first taste of Savannah’s end of the field.  However, some stiff defense had them pushed back immediately and after several phases down the field Savannah’s flyhalf, Canady, scored off of a powerful run, conversion by Canady (Savannah 26 – GSCU 0). 

Halftime Score: Savannah 26 – GSCU 0)

Savannah started the second half much as they ended the first half.  Continued pressure against GSCU had the much stronger Shamrock pack running with aggression as Hicks scored again, conversion missed (Savannah 31 – GSCU 0).  Savannah’s backs would not be out done and after several explosive runs from their centers, Mark McWhorter and Kevin Jackson, Savannah was able to put two quick back-to-back tries on the board by each, both tries unconverted (Savannah 41 – GSCU 0).  It was then that Savannah made one of their few errors of the game when some sloppy ball handling saw a quick footed GSCU back scoop up a ball from the ground and sprint 50m untouched for the try under the posted, conversion successful (Savannah 41 – GSCU 7).   The try by GSCU gave the Shamrock forward pack some renewed anger and led to very powerful rucking until prop, CJ Regnet, plowed over the goal line for the score, conversion missed (Savannah 46 – GSCU 7).   In the closing minutes of the game, the cagey veteran scrumhalf, Matt Rutkowski, snuck around the unguarded blindside for one final try in the corner, conversion missed (Savannah 51 – 7).  It was a great overall team effort and Savannah did a good job securing possession for the majority of the game by running in groups and out rucking the undersized GSCU pack. 

Final Score: Savannah 51 – GSCU 7